Podcast Scripts: To Script or Not to Script?

A great podcast script is 50% writing a great script and 50% delivering a great script.


When working with a client on a podcast launch, I provide an interview flow or podcast script template they can copy and use with each episode. It gives them an idea of how the interview will flow and gives them a chance to fill in all the information they repeat each time so they don’t forget to mention, and so they don’t have to re-write it each time.

Should you script out your podcast episode? It is entirely up to each podcast host.

And it also depends highly on what your show is about. A script can be an entire show or part of the show.

Another option is bullet points for reference.

If you are having conversations with friends, you may not even need a script.


Things to consider:

  • Is it narrative vs. interview.
  • Consider the length of time.
  • Consider your experience and your comfort with ad-libs or do you need total structure.


Writing a script also serves the purpose of adding it to a website as show notes or a blog, and sending it out as a newsletter.

The best way to write a script is to think about how you would tell it to your friend. You don‘t want to write a script like a formal paper because it probably won’t sound natural to your listeners. Keep it simple and short so they can understand easily and not have to rewind to catch what you said.

A podcast script can also serve to remind you or your team where to place the podcast intro, episode or guest introduction, the actual podcast content, ads, music, and outros.

If you have co-hosts, clearly mark who is going to speak and the content each is going to say.

Keep in mind the length & timing. Read it out loud after you write it to get an idea of how long it will take you to read it all. It may be that you end up with a 15 page Google Doc, for a 10 minute interview. It just depends on how much detail your script has.

You’ll start to get an idea of how long of an interview you will have depending on the number of pages or words.

You can download the script/interview flow I provide all my podcast clients with here to get you started. My gift to you!


Do you script your podcast episodes?

What have you found most helpful?


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