Online Marketing

Delegate management of your social media platforms with daily posts, engagement and interactions, content creation, blog writing, newsletter campaigns, email sequence and automation, lead magnets and website updates.

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Podcast Production

Work on growing your podcast and entrust your production management to Sonia's Desk. From scheduling guests, writing interview flow, editing audio, writing show notes, publishing, uploading to website, promotions and podcast launch.

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Project Management and Administrative

We take a project management approach to our work giving you peace of mind that the tasks will get done accurately and on time. Outsource your marketing research, scheduling, email response,  spreadsheets, presentations, customer support, Spanish translating, product launch, promotions and more.

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

You went into business (or chose this career) to develop your passion. Yet you find yourself stressed out and frustrated, working on tedious tasks that get in the way of growing. Your to-do list gets longer by the day and when you sit down to work on it, you can't figure out how to organize yourself. You find yourself working weekends, holidays and missing time with family and friends.


We help busy people like you every day. We take your ever expanding to-do list and start checking it off. We can work with you for as little or as many hours as you need each month. We provide our own office space, equipment, software, training, insurance, vacation, sick time, and file our own taxes, providing you with monumental cost savings and increased productivity.


We learn your business and develop processes so you can put those tasks on autopilot and focus on what's important…getting back to growing your business or career!

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