Why Instagram Reels Are Important for Your Business

You’ve seen them. Reels. The dancing and the pointing, and you have vowed you would not do it.

Same! ✋🏼

But here’s the thing. There are benefits to playing with Instagram’s algorithm and getting on the bandwagon with reels. Here are a few reasons why doing reels for your business is important.

  1. They are free commercials for your business.
  2. Proves your authority.
  3. Showcases your business.
  4. Builds rapport by showing your face.
  5. Instagram is indexing reels higher than other things.
  6. Gets your business or brand seen by eyes that might not otherwise see it.

Instagram reels can certainly be intimidating and there is definitely a learning curve. But once you’ve made one or two, it becomes much easier.

I’m in the process of writing a few, selecting a recording date, outfits and a batch session to get three of them knocked out in under one hour. Let’s see how this goes. Keep an eye out at my Instagram page for them.

Have you tried them out yet?