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At Sonia's Desk, we work primarily with overwhelmed female soulpreneurs who desperately want to turn their passion ideas into reality. We help them clear their ever-expanding to-do list and achieve their business goals, while still allowing them to enjoy their daily lives.

We focus on online business management, podcast launch & production, website creation, social media content creation, newsletters and other administrative support services.

We take a project management approach to our work, giving our clients peace of mind that their projects will be done accurately and on time, with no supervision.

Sonia's Qualifications

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing Management from California State Polytechnic University of Pomona.

After working in product development and marketing for National branded consumer packaged goods for 18 years, she founded Sonia's Desk in 2013.

Sonia and her team stay abreast of the latest trends in online marketing, social media, website creation, podcast production and what is working in digital marketing.

When I'm not working...


I can be found on a nature hike in one of the many beautiful trails in Southern California, learning mom's recipes and sharing them at Mexican Family Recipes, gardening, or practicing self care.

I have 2 amazing sons ages 19 and 23, and they are the light of my life.

If you’re dying to know more, here are a few more things you don’t know about me…

I was once an avid runner and although I’ve ran the LA Marathon three times and do enjoy the challenge, half marathons are my race of choice. I raced my first international half marathon in Mexico City in March 2017. And for health reasons (out-of-whack hormones), I've had to put running on hold. #thisisalmost50!

I now enjoy yoga, meditation and journaling...taking a more holistic approach to my health and really ejoying getting in touch with my soul and intuition. I am certified in pranic healing and pranic psychotherpy and absolutely love helping people heal through this no-touch energy work.

I LOVE the beach and intend to retire in a beach home, but am deathly afraid of the ocean (thanks Jaws).

From 1982 to 1987, as a teenager, I lived in Mexico City with my parents and siblings. Although I did not appreciate it at the time, it was one of the BEST experiences of my life. And yes, I lived through the great "terremoto" (earthquake) of 1985.

OK, I'll throw in one more for you...

Traveling to Istanbul is my ultimate bucket list location…and Mexico City will always, ALWAYS, be VERY near and dear to my heart.

journal, sage, crystals






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