Twitter Marketing Strategy for High Engagement

Twitter Marekting

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Isn’t Twitter marketing dead? The answer is NO. Not according to Twitter Marketing experts at Social Media Marketing World Conference.

While other platforms have copied each other’s features, Twitter has remained true to its roots. They continue focused on their mission of showing ideas and information instantly.

Twitter is the first place people go to, to learn or talk about an event or what is trending in the news, or to get a hold of a company when customer services is needed.

The big problem with Twitter is not that Twitter is dead. It’s that your Twitter marketing strategy is dead. You are using outdated strategies.

All the growth tactics that were learned years ago, were automated to create these gigantic Twitter accounts. But automation no longer works.

The solutions is the same as for all other platforms. Generate more engagement by being more human and less robot. Here are the 5 tips to get you started in generating more engagement on Twitter.

  1. Use your own voice. When you tweet, sound like something you would actually say. Be less robot and more relatable, more human. Show your passion and be real and vulnerable. Invoke emotion and give your audience what they want, not what you want.
  2. Give away more value that everyone else. For example, if you’re speaking at a conference, giveaway the slide deck you’re using for your presentation + add some templates. Immediately state in your tweet what they will get from the slide deck in bit size messages. You can even request an email in exchange for the slide deck.
  3. Be witty. Make jokes your target market will get.
  4. Twitter is built for breaking news. Share something, a screenshot, text, video or retweet. The most important thing is timing. Be one of the first people to post about breaking news in your industry because your audience will see and and retweet it. You can make sure you’re following the influencers in your industry to stay up to date on the latest news and trends, and post what the information the’re sharing.
  5. Provide “Practical Advice List” Formulas. Can do this from a conference or workshop too.

Practical Advice List Tweet

Do you have a Twitter Marketing strategy in place?


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