Pivot Your Business on LinkedIn During the Pandemic

Pivot Your Business on LinkedIn During the Pandemic

During this pandemic, many are feeling uncomfortable selling and posting their services. They feel it is insensitive and not the right time. But everyone is trying to survive, you, me and our clients. So we all need a way to keep our businesses afloat.

Should I be Selling During these Times of Uncertainty? YES!!

Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes and understand what their pain points are and what they’re going through right now, during these times. Where can you help them RIGHT NOW?

We saw many of our favorite businesses pivot, many taking their services online.

This pandemic sure is proving to be taking way longer to recover than most of us imagined. So pivoting our businesses is a good idea not just during this time, but also prepares us for another event of this magnitude moving forward.


4 Steps to Strengthen Your Brand on LinkedIn

  • Update your banner- make sure it states how you can help them TODAY. Create a banner that reflects who you are and what you are doing today.
  • Re-do your headline- let people know who you help and how you can help them today.
  • Use the featured section – you can add posts, articles, links and media (photos, documents and presentations). You can also move these pieces around to have your most relevant pieces shown first.
  • About section- you can only see the first 3 sentences of this section, so make sure that area is addressing who you’re serving, their problem, fears and pain, and how you’re solving it. Make them want to click…read more. Focus on your ideal client, not on helping everyone.


2 Contents Tips to Increase Visibility and Engagement

  • Create a post that includes the following assets:
    1. Address your targeted audience
    2. Describe the asset
    3. Use emojis for visual interest
    4. Tag relevant contacts or companies
    5. Use 4 industry, 4-5 popular hashtags and 1 unique hashtag
    6. Add a CTA
  • Amplify with a sharing pod- in messaging, add 1st contacts who have agreed ahead of time and you post your article from LinkedIn. Everyone can do the same. There will be an agreed upon number of times and frequency everyone can post. The idea is that when someone posts something, everyone will go to the post/article, read it, like it and comment on it. This allows LinkedIn to see there’s engagement on it and suggest it to others, therefore, helping each other increase visibility.


Become a Master Connector on LinkedIn

Here’s a very effective way to make more connections to introduce your services to.

  • Find shared connections of your prospect.
  • Ask your first connection to introduce you to your prospect.
  • Write the introduction script for your connection so they can copy and paste it and just do the introduction. Ask them to cc you, so you can follow up.
  • Once you’re connected, leave them a message to introduce your services and add links to your calendar. You can use voice of video messaging on your mobile device to stand out from everyone. This is a fairly new feature very few are using.


Are you actively marketing yourself on LinkedIn?


Source: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert at Social Media Day Conference, 2020


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